The Motorcycle Test

The new motorcycle test which became law in 2009 consists of two modules, which have to be passed before you become a full licence holder. Module 1 must be taken before Module 2.

Module 1 consists of a set of manoeuvres conducted on a very large tarmac site at one of the DSA’s Multipurpose Test Centres. You and the Examiner will be the only ones on the site. If you pass Module 1 you can then book and take the Module 2 test.

                  Click here for the layout of the Module 1 Manoeuvres.

Module 1 Video

Before the module 2 test begins, you will be asked to read a car registration number from 20.5 meters, followed by the "Show Me Tell Me Questions".

Click here for the Show Me Tell Me Questions

The Module 2 test consists of a 40 minute road ride which tests your riding skills and your knowledge of the road craft. During this ride you will be asked to stop at the side of the road twice, you will be asked to stop on a hill to do a hill start, and also stopping and setting off from behind a parked vehicle. If you pass this test you will gain your full licence.