What do I need to learn to ride?

You need to be at least 16 years old

Be able to ride a bicycle without falling off

Be able to speak, understand and read basic English

Hold a valid provisional or full UK driving license  


Do you supply the motorcycles and scooters?



Do I need a theory test to do a CBT?



I'm short how tall do I need to be?

Every body's got different length legs, pop in and have a sit on our bikes before you book




Do I have to bring my own bike gear?


we can lend you a Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Waterproofs and Hi Vis FOC if you need them

If you have your own bike gear you are more than welcome to bring it


Can I wear flip flops and shorts If its hot?


turn up in sensible clothing i.e. Jeans, long sleeves and preferably footwear that covers your ankles



What happens if I need to cancel my course?

No problem

you can change the date of your course if you give us seven days notice, but the deposit is non refundable

so if you decide not to do it at all you will lose your deposit




What happens if I'm late or don't turn up for a course?

If you don't show up you will lose your deposit

If you are late the course will begin without you and you will lose your deposit


What happens if it's raining?

We will lend you waterproofs and or you will get wet 


What happens if the weather is not going to be very good on my training day, can I make up a really good excuse not to come in and get a refund?






What happens if a satellite crashes into your site

or a hurricane hits?

No problem

We will get you back on a day of your choice free of charge


What happens if I develop an illness or forget something really important?

These mysterious symptoms normally appear when this natural phenomenon called rain is on its way.

We have heard some unbelievably brilliant excuses

if you ring us less than 7 days before you are due to

turn up and want to cancel or change your course you will lose your deposit





What happens if I want to bring my own motorcycle or scooter?

No problem

however it needs to be road worthy, legal and you have to bring your Insurance and MOT